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‘SURFACE SEDUCTION and CHOREOGRAPHY’ THE SHOP GALLERY- NEW EXHIBITION …. 7 to 13 SEPT 112 Glebe Point road, Glebe. Open 10 am to 6 pm daily

I am currently working towards a new exhibition to be held at The Shop Gallery , 112 Glebe Point Road, Glebe from 7th to 13 September 2023.

One room will be filled with very colourful encaustics, the upper room with my favourite trees, I love them for their colourful bark and choreography,

Also paintings of The Heritage Fleet at Rozelle, when I was Artist in Residence. En plein air!


Paintings of The Heritage Fleet, Rozelle, as Artist in Residence


An ever changing exhibition of oil paintings painted plein air on site in bush land and bays mostly around the central coast.  Paintings are colour co-ordinated, so the possibility exists to group them together in sets of your choice, as shown below.  The squares all measure 53 x 53.


From the islands of Leros and Lesbos. All of these works are watercolours, full sheet, half or quarter. They are mostly unframed, as they were hung here in Gosford and then exhibited in Leros.

“This exhibition is the result of several trips to the Greek islands of Leros and Lesbos by the artist.  She has painted Greece with the enthusiasm of a tourist and the insight of a local.  Her vibrant watercolours are based on the people, places and experiences of everyday life as a tourist in greece.”

Tim Braham, Curator, Gosford Regional Gallery


From the Greek (enkaustikos) which means burning in – this is the oldest recorded painting medium.  It has a growing revival with exciting techniques and results. These works are inspired by our trees, our coastline, wild water, rolling waves, beautiful beaches and the red ranges of the interior.

Most of the small encaustics are between $595 and $895 – unless marked as Unframed, they are all framed.

Reefs at Huskisson, Satudays Yacht Race and Waterlilies are three very large encaustics, beautifully framed @$4000


The magical mystery of a land untouched
That’s the Kimberley that I love so much
I crossed this vast land from West to East
Capturing and savouring nature’s feast
At the end of my journey on the coast lies my home
Where beautiful beaches entice me to roam.



I painted ‘en plein air’ the scenery of the Pearl Beach Arboretum, I pulled my trolley with my easel and canvas until I came across a subject that appealed to me the most – strong trees, white, red, brown or green, it was the colour and shape that attracted me, and then I judged what else was nearby that could create an interesting painting, the small shrubs, or the fallen palm leaves that litter the arboretum floor and turns it pink. I painted the ponds when they were full of water and the beautiful reflections of palms and trees. I painted the echidna, the swamp wallaby, the kookaburras and the cockatoos and goannas. The arboretum is naturally messy with branches and leaves and palm fronds wherever they fall. That is the difference between an arboretum and a botanic garden. It is wild, totally natural, apart from small paths that give us access to enjoy this pleasure place.