I painted ‘en plein air’ the scenery of the Pearl Beach Arboretum, I pulled my trolley with my easel and canvas until I came across a subject that appealed to me the most – strong trees, white, red, brown or green, it was the colour and shape that attracted me, and then I judged what else was nearby that could create an interesting painting, the small shrubs, or the fallen palm leaves that litter the arboretum floor and turns it pink. I painted the ponds when they were full of water and the beautiful reflections of palms and trees. I painted the echidna, the swamp wallaby, the kookaburras and the cockatoos and goannas. The arboretum is naturally messy with branches and leaves and palm fronds wherever they fall. That is the difference between an arboretum and a botanic garden. It is wild, totally natural, apart from small paths that give us access to enjoy this pleasure place.