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An ever changing exhibition of tree paintings completed plein air on site in bush land and bays – mostly around the Central Coast,  but also inland Australia. I am passionate about trees and the various roles they play in our lives and in their own habitat.


Upon arrival in Australia 30 years ago, I was enchanted by the first birds I encountered in the suburbs of Sydney – Kookaburras, Lorikeets, Galahs and Cockatoos.  They were the subjects of many of my first paintings here.   And still they come! with travels we have met many more along the road. Since then we have come across many snakes, echidnas, and wombats. I also painted our whole safari in South Africa.


As a respite from realism, I am venturing into abstraction. Impressions are materialised into colour fields. Controlled spontaneity is the essence of my colour and design paintings, creating movement with brush strokes as individual as calligraphy and that retain their impulse, implying texture that is not there, just capturing my own excitement.


As I was a Member of The Australian Society Of Marine Painters, I Was recently invited  With nine other women as ‘Artists In Residence’ on the Heritage Fleet At Rozelle Bay – The Exhibition was shown between decks on The ‘James Craig at Wharf 7, Pyrmont Bay.

I had the honour of being awarded ‘The President’s Medal’ for my painting of  ‘The John Oxley – Full Frontal’ as shown here.

Boats bob about and I capture them in paint before the wind turns them around or before they sail away.  I really paint boats so that I can paint their reflections.

I have just painted my first ’Artist’s Book’  with the International Fleet Review as the theme. Very enjoyable to paint it after sitting in the rain watching it. Cannot do it justice as a photograph.


GREENWAY IS MY NAME and so I have a natural affinity with flowers.  Nature is my inspiration – one look and I’m hooked.  As a keen gardener, I have painted just about everything I have ever grown.   Give artists a bunch of flowers and they’ll drop everything to paint them before they wilt. Poppies and irises are among my favourites.